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Custom branded items


Supreme Custom Branded Items in China

Bigger Printing Group is a printing business situated in Shanghai. We print a wide range of materials using the best Japanese and German printing technologies. 150 people who are all devoted, passionate, and adaptable make up our team of professionals. One of our specializations is bespoke promotional print and packaging, but we also specialize in stationery, magazines, notebooks, cards, books, paper bags, journals, calendars, hardcover book printing, paper boxes, and custom branded items. We have been serving customers in this industry for the past 15 years and looking forward to serving many more. 

Why Choose Our Custom Branded Items?

To assist your business in achieving the project goals, our team of devoted, motivated, enthusiastic, and skilled workers develops a detailed plan. From the beginning to the end of the process, we inform our clients at every turn. Before we start printing custom branded items, our Quality Control team examines the quality of our bulk orders as well as other products. We conduct our business with honesty and transparency, and we maintain constant contact with you to let you know how your personalized items are progressing. 

Qualities of Custom Branded Items

  • Innovation & Technology

To give you the most accurate representation of the way you want your custom branded items to have, we use our innovation and creativity. Our team has the most creative and passionate minds. 

  • Environment Friendly

Our custom-branded items are not at all harmful to the environment in any way. All the materials we use are quite friendly to the environment. Hence, they do not add to the pollution in the world. 

  • Fast Production & Delivery

Here at Bigger Printing Group, we make sure to produce the orders of all customers in a timely manner. There are never any delays in the delivery as well.