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Company branded merchandise


Using company-branded merchandise, you may make a strong impression. Our selection of customizable products makes sure your company’s brand is prominently displayed. To increase the visibility of your business, pick from a choice of promotional goods, clothes, and accessories. Our branded merchandise is the best thing you can add to your brand recognition.

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Leading Company Branded Merchandise in China

We are the largest family-owned and managed distributor of leading company branded merchandise in the world. Our main office is in Lewiston, Maine. Crestline, which is tucked between the sea and the mountains. However, as a company, we have implemented ground-breaking strategies to minimize our carbon footprint. Our offices were awarded LEED certification by the U.S. Green Building Council and are entirely powered by a 696-panel solar energy system.

To offset our carbon emissions and paper usage, we also buy credits for green projects like reforestation for our best company branded merchandise. However, our item selection is vast to assist you in effectively expressing your brand because we recognize how important it is. Thus, we have what you need if you’re seeking staff incentives, client presents, or promotional materials.

Best Company Branded Merchandise

The values and characteristics of your company carefully reflect in our vast variety of quality company branded merchandise and custom branded merchandise. We have a wide range of goods available, including clothing, accessories, stationery, technology, and more. Each item can personalize with your business’s logo, colors, and messaging to make sure your brand is noticeable everywhere it travels. Therefore, you can count on the highest caliber materials.

However, we pay meticulous attention to detail when you choose our company’s branded items. To deliver goods that adhere to the highest standards, we collaborate with reliable suppliers and manufacturers. Therefore, our team is offering superb customer service, assists you with the ordering procedure, and guarantees your complete happiness with each purchase.


Can I add my company’s logo and colors to the branded merchandise?
Absolutely! All of our products bearing our brand can customize. You will have the chance to upload your logo while placing your order.
What is the minimum order quantity for products with the company’s logo?
Depending on the product, the minimum order quantity could be different. However, to ensure cost-effectiveness, some products could have a minimum quantity requirement.
What is the order turnaround time?
The amount and intricacy of the modification will both affect how quickly your purchase will process.