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Packaging Ideas

Interesting Packaging Ideas For Souvenirs

20th-century business think tank Peter Drucker says business has two functions – marketing and innovation. This article will combine these two perspectives. Packaging ideas are ultimately a marketing activity, it is the final marketing information that your customers will see before purchasing your product. If you sell in a retail store, your packaging can be the key to making your product a success.

Today, in order to thwart hundreds of other competing products, it pays to be different. Check out what your competitors are doing and make sure you have a new and unique look. The new product packaging will identify your product, it will help you create your brand, it will give your product some quality. Packaging defines the likeness of your product. 

So, how to create a new packaging? You can pay thousands of dollars for a warehouse design company to design some ideas, or you can create them yourself. Here are ten ideas that can hopefully inspire some new packaging for your own product.

1. Create a reusable package

The promotional mug printing market is very competitive, so you might think there are a few new ideas when it comes to packaging. You will be wrong. First of all, the product itself is different – it is about 2D printing and the quality of printed mug to be considered. 

Secondly, the company packs the printed mug in such a way that the packaging can be reused while the product is safe from any damage. 

2. Add a little extra to your packaging

Sometimes you can have beautiful packaging, but put a little bit of it in to get out of the crowd. Amy’s Kitchen uses roasted pasta sauces to do just that. This is a standard size jar with a color symbol that blends well with all other sauce products. What separates them is the paper and the gold bow on the lid of the jar. It’s like collecting your grandmother and you can’t walk the path of spaghetti sauce without it. You can also get the idea of such packaging through a custom book printing business. 

3. Make design the centerpiece of your packaging

Most people think of the first product in the second packaging, but the Product Model changes the size. They focus on packaging from the beginning – they want to create beautiful packaging that you will not hide in the cupboard. They have created a series of well-designed product lines and packaging that you can display in your kitchen or bathroom as a home appliance. Just go down the aisle of any Costco or Target you find and this focuses on design keeping the product separate.

4. Create attractive packaging

Delightful packaging is not just for children, after all, adults are happy too. Bright colors and unusual styles can be used to dominate children’s and adult products like board books printing, but often, subtle ways are better. The wine industry has begun to bring fun in packaging. These days, just go to your local wine store and check out all the fun animals and symbols. We have penguins, kangaroos, frogs, horses, swans and many other critters online. We may not be ready for penguin-like wine bottles, but a beautiful penguin label can add a bit of flavor and stand out from the changing wine label.

5. Let your true color shine

Candle-Lite is a large candle company with over 160 years of continuous candle making. There was nothing fancy about their packaging, only candles in clear glass, but the colors of their choice were intriguing. They use bright colors, usually a lot of candles, and leave the bright colors in a simple pot. The simple name tags on the white background accentuate the colors in the jars. On my local store shelf, their candles actually appeared in many other styles.

6. Extend your logo and labels through sandwich printing

If you are selling clear liquids in clear bottles, then you have the option of offering you packaging options for a small price. I’m talking about printing behind the line. You can’t put design information behind the line, but you can compete, report on your company, or suggest the best way to use your product. It’s an easy way to give your customers more information without damaging your package display.

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