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Brief Introduction To Board Books

To Begin With, What Is a Board Book?

One cannot compare a Board Book to other book formats. Instead of flimsy paper, it’s constructed from sturdy cardboard. A lot more fun to hold and look at because the cover is the same thickness as the pages inside. Having these kinds of books on hand is a must if you have young children because they can withstand the wear and tear that comes from being chewed on, bit on, or otherwise abused by a child. We offer custom board books with the best custom hardcover book printing. Visit our website to find out about our products today. 

This Board book shows the object from an angle. The paper in board books is much thicker.

custom hardcover book printing

About the Safety of Board Novels for Kids:

All efforts were made to ensure the safety of the content in a Board Book. There are no jagged edges to cause a laceration if you happen to drop it; instead, they’re rounded for safety. Additionally, you can choose between glossy and matte coating for added durability.

To appeal to young children, board books typically have bold fonts and primary hues. This makes it easier for children to follow the plot and makes room for more vivid, engaging illustrations. Because of this, these publications exist to ensure that children receive as much mental stimulation as possible.

Adding interactive elements like sounds and pop-ups to Board Books is another way to pique children’s interest and encourage them to learn.

Dimensions for a Board Book:

Size preferences for Board books are subjective. Board books are typically square, ranging in size from 4 inches to 5 inches to 12 inches on a side. However, these requirements are not mandatory, and you can make a book of any custom size you like. We offer 1mm and 1.5mm boards for your custom board book, with page counts varying from 4 to 36. For shorter works, thinner boards are used, while longer works require thicker boards.

When Making a Board Journal, What Information is Necessary:

Before sending a board book to print, it is crucial to double-check the bleeds and margins to ensure they are accurate. Most board books are printed in full color with pictures that run off the page, but this isn’t always possible because of the lack of a white background. Here you can find information on bleed and margin settings for your book.

Final Thought:

Board books, as you can see, are designed with children in mind; they are attractive and substantial. You’ll get a level of visual flair and quality that’s hard to find in printed works. All you have to do is take your time, look around, and find the right pictures and graphics that work for your book. You’ll end up

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