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Bigger Printing Group is a printer dedicated to outstanding customer service, high-quality product,on-time delivery and superior pricing.we provide one stop solution for printing and packaging,such as all kinds of books, catalogs, calendars, paper bags, paper boxes and other commercial printed products, etc.we can also purchase accessories or other products for you at better prices if you need our help.

Located in Shanghai China, we are always trying our best to help with the business of our overseas clients, our final goal is to establish long-time and reliable business relations based on mutual benefits, not only high in quality but also competitive in price.

1. 15+ years experience
2. One-stop solution in printing and packaging
3. High-quality and low cost
4. Global delivery and professional services

What We Offers

We Provide Lot’s Of Printing & Branding Service


Company Branded Merchandise

We can offer timely and reliable services to our clients at all times.

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One-stop Solution

All projects are delivered with unparalleled professionalism and precision.

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Custom Branded Merchandise

We strategically manage the supply chain to reduce costs, ensure quality and improve marketing execution.

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Custom Merchandise For Business

Our team provides all the services related to custom merchandise for business.

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Logos Printing

Creating robust, intricately detailed logos requires a commitment to perfection.

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Sticker and Label Printing

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Best Custom Book Printing Services

Our founder discovered it was difficult to publish his incredible narrative through any of the traditional publishing firms after successfully negotiating a record-breaking IPO for Red Hat in 1999. Therefore, he hired a hybrid publisher because he was determined to tell his narrative. However, he was dissatisfied with the results. At this time, he decided that no one should have to go through what he had, and started working for custom book printing.
Whether you’re an author, a self-publisher, or a company wishing to produce promotional materials. Therefore, we as custom book printing suppliers, work hard to produce high-quality printed books. Our books surpass your expectations using cutting-edge printing technology.

Variety of Custom Book Printing

We provide a variety of solutions on our website for bespoke book printing to meet your specific requirements. Therefore, we can handle projects of various sizes and genres, ranging from paperback novels and children’s books to coffee table photo books and corporate publications.

You can simply upload your writing or artwork to our website, assuring a quick and easy printing procedure. Clear communication and teamwork are prioritized throughout the custom book printing process. Thus, it is a part of our dedication to providing great client service. From file setup and proofreading to printing and delivery, our team of experts is here to help you at every stage.

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We Do

Yes, we have all of the most up-to-date machinery and printers capable of printing incredibly durable, non-removable stickers and labels.

We make every effort to give you the greatest printing and labelling solutions at the most competitive prices.

Yes, we ensure that the stickers or labels we print are correct and free of any defects or pixel errors.

Yes, we deliver practically everywhere in the globe for the lowest possible shipping fees.

We have a team of competent and professional employees that are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality stickers and labels possible.

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