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Frequently Asked Questions about Bigger Printing

The questions below are asked frequently. However, if you have any other questions or you would like to get some more information please feel free to contact us, we are always very serious with clients' voices and feedbacks and will be sure to get back to you pretty soon.

1. Do you speak English?
2. Where are you located? What is the best way to contact you?
3. How long does it take?
4. Can you send me samples?
5. Can I come to do the press check.
6. Do you handle importing?
7. What if my shipment is damaged in transit?
8. How is payment handled? Do you offer credit terms?
9. How should I submit my files?
10. How do you protect my privacy?
11. How to get started?
12. Why should I choose a printer thousands of miles away?
13. Why Choose Bigger Printing?

1. Do you speak English?
Yes, we do.

2. Where are you located? What is the best way to contact you?

We are located in Shanghai - the economic and financial center of China.You can reach us by email, telephone, fax and Skype among which you may select one you think to be the best way for you. Our preferred contact ways are email, telephone and Skype.

3. How long does it take?

Bigger Printing requires the same amount of time as in your country.Lead times vary according to the kind of product manufactured and the quantity.The difference in total turnaround time, then, is the shipping time. Standard shipping times are as follows:
US and Canada (West Coast and Central) — 3-4 weeks

US and Canada (East Coast) — 4-5 weeks

Europe — 4-6 Weeks

Australia and New Zealand — 2-3 Weeks

East / South Asia — 1-2 Weeks

West Asia / Mid East — 3-5 Weeks

Africa — 3-5 Weeks

Central / South America — 6-8 Weeks
4. Can you send me samples?

Bigger Printing provides a full Set of samples throughout the process of production:
— As requested, some relevant samples of our works we ever produced for other clients as quality reference, provided before final confirmation
— A "White Book" dummy (mock-up) created to the exact specifications of your job, provided before color proofs
— Two color proofs, for evaluation of color and final check, provided before production commences
— Some advance finished products provided for final quality confirmation before leaving our factory for shipping
— Samples of our works can be provided for free, but we require our clients to prepay the shipping cost for the mail express, and meanwhile we confirm that this part of prepaid cost will be deducted from the total amount of orders you place.

5. Can I come to do the press check?

Yes, of course.

6. Do you handle importing?

In most cases, yes. We typically produce quotations on the basis of door to door delivery, whereby we handle all shipping, import and final delivery, andwhereby import duties, if any are included in the price offered. If you prefer, however, we can provide the shipment Fob Shanghai or other ports in China, or deliver to the nearest warehouse for pick up.
7. What if my shipment is damaged in transit?

All projects are insured 110% against damage or loss in transit.
8. How is payment handled?

Typically payment terms are 30% deposit, 70% upon completion, but if the total amount is less than US$ 5,000,we suggest to be paid at one time inadvance.Once we have established a regular working relationship, however, we generally offer credit arrangements for most projects.For larger orders, it is sometimes preferable to divided payments into several steps or employ the use of a bank letter of credit.

9. How should I submit my files?

We prefer to receive your art on CD or DVD as a locked and certified PDF file, along with the original files in native format, image links and fonts, a complete 100% size color dummy and samples of desired color matches or ever-printed versions of your product. In practice, we will work with what you give us, please discuss if you are concerned.However, if you prefer you can submit files via ftp, please provide us with your ftp login information to download the pre-uploaded files, or you can also submit files to our ftp server. For our ftp server login information, please enquire.

10. How do you protect my privacy?

Your privacy is very important to us. we value your privacy and appreciate your trust in us and recognize that earning andretaining your trust is one of the most important things we do as a business. Protecting your privacy is a responsibility we take very seriously. we guarantee that all the information
collectedand requestedon chinaprintingexperts.com will be strictly kept confidential and just be used as required to process and ship the orders, if necessary, we can sign the confidentiality agreement with you.

11.How to get started?

Refer to the steps below to learn how we work, how to work with us, which step you are on, what next is, and how to step forward

1. Getting Started and Request a Quote

2. Place Order and Submit Files

3. Send the deposit and email the bank receipt

4. 'White Book' dummy (mock-up), Color Proof, and Proof Approval

5. Printing and Production

6. Quality Inspection

7. Delivery Arrangement

8. Giving Kind Comments After Confirmation of Order Completion
12.Why should I choose a printer thousands of miles away?

The simple reason is to save money. Printing with Bigger Printing costs up to 50% less than printing domestically. Use the savings to print on higher qualitystock, add diecuts, embossing or other features which would usually be outside the budget. Your company or client can generate savings or a value-added product - or both!

13.Why Choose Bigger Printing?

Savings – The fact is that China Printing can save you considerable amounts of money without any sacrifice of service or quality. China has no match anywhere in the World in terms of flexibility, cost-efficiency and-- increasingly since its succession into the WTO-- the most technically advanced ISO certified print production facilities to be found anywhere in the world. Beyond the cost savings, Working with CPE you will specifically benefit from the following:

Communication – Your single point of contact will be a highly-trained English speaker with many years China Printing experience reachable by Phone, Fax, E-mail or Skype every step of the way. Print quotations are generally provided within 2 business days. Timelines are spelled out clearly in project management documents. Updates are given regularly so you know exactly what to expect. Should you have any inquiries at any time, you can reach us just as if we're printing down the block.

Control –Whichever separation and proofing method you choose, proofs will be Fed-Exe to you shortly after we commence the job—usually a day or two after we get the green light.You’ll have theopportunity to ask questions, request changes, or see proofs on alternate paper choices. If you have author’s changes you would like for us to implement, we generally are able to offer new separations and proofs at little or no charge. If your project has unusual or particularly demanding specifications, we will often send additional unfinished proofs at various points in the production process, to keep you abreast of options and assure the final product is of optimum result.

Quality –We have a special team who is following the order through the whole production.Our meticulously trained Quality control staff produce a detailed quality report with more than 40 individual inspection criteria, which we Fed-Ex along with a set of completed production samples for your pre-approval before the goods even leave the factory floor. Packed in heavy-duty,double-walled corrugated export cartons for shipping, we photograph your shipment on pallets as it makes ready for transit, assuring you that all measures have been taken to ensure a beautiful result.

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